Friday, July 28, 2006

George W. Bush is the Best

Venezuela is buying $1 billion worth of military equipment from Russia. USA opposes purchase but V and R are going to do it anyways. Presumably if V bought same stuff from USA instead of Russia it would be okay, well not really, because USA would prefer that no countries in western hemisphere except USA have any weapons stronger than a pea shooter. Unless USA arms manufacturers say they really need the business.

Last I checked, Monroe Doctrine did not say USA would be unable to point out South American countries on a map with the names of the countries covered up. USA now has once-in-the-history-of-USA opportunity to make amends with South American countries screwed up by USA meddling, finagling and engineered coup d'etats since 1900. And because of George W. Bush we're doing it by forgetting South America even exists.

GWB is so occupied in Mideast that he can't even think about South America. Good. Very Good. Because every time USA has ever thought about South America it has turned out extremely bad for South American people in the sense that they killed in large numbers in unmarked ditches. Go Mideast! Go Mideast!

And how about that Colombian cocaine. Is it possible to imagine a policy initiative more idiotic than to meddle in the affairs of a foreign country solely because your wealthiest citizens love to do big fat rails of cocaine and you are too lazy to arrest them or make the shit legal?

3 in 4 US persons sent and paid to go to Colombia to eradicate cocaine, cocaine dealers, coca fields and coca growers winds up doing the stuff sometimes ... well ... because ... well ... the stuff is all over the place and it's dirt cheap and gold and how can I get arrested when I'm the one in charge of snuffing out the crap?

When a guy consults his wife who consults an astrologer to determine what the guy should do with 10,000 nuclear bombs and the guy's wife who consults the astrologer tells him he should say drugs are the real problem, doesn't that make chewing coca leaves sound a bit sane by comparison?

And how about those obscure Orinoco River hallucinogenics that make you puke for 2 weeks before you get high?

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