Saturday, July 22, 2006

For Example ...

Some dumbwad Congressman from Tennessee just gave a speech on the "floor" of the U.S. Congress demanding a Constitutional Amendment that adultery be a felony crime. Amazingly, he said other dumb stuff too.

This entry allows Tispaquin to introduce the 1600s Dumb Ass Metric in which we rate statements made in 2006 for "relative stupidity and retrograde evolution" as measured against the Numb Nuts who lived in the Massachusetts Bay Colony during the late 1600s. And the rating (on a scale of 1-10) is ... 8. The Dumb Nut Congressman from Tennessee does not rate a full 10 because he only calls for adultery to be a felony crime, rather than a capital crime. In 1600s Massachusetts, adultery was a capital crime, but the sentences were never carried out because lots of people where shtupping each others' spouses, daughters, maids, slaves, indentured servants etc.

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