Sunday, July 23, 2006

Cease Fire Requires More Bombing

"'It is very important to establish conditions under which a ceasefire can take place. We believe that a ceasefire is urgent,' Rice said before a refueling stop in Shannon, Ireland. 'It is important to have conditions that will make it also sustainable,' Rice said. The United States has resisted calls for an immediate ceasefire, saying any cessation of hostilities must address the root causes of the conflict." -- Reuters. July 23, 2006.

So ... in order to even begin negotiating a cease fire, it is very important that more bombs be dropped on kids. And if more bombs are not dropped on kids, a cease fire will not "work."


For past two weeks, USA has been desperately needed to be the COP who arrives at two houses where the adults are shooting at each other and killing each others' kids over some dispute and stop them long enough to at least get the kids to safety. Lebanese children are not agents of Israel or Hezbollah. They are innocent kids in a deadly cross-fire. So why is USA Dr. C. Rice acting like COP who says, "Well, it's probably best to let them shoot it out and the one who gets it worst will finally give up and leave town."? To where? Is Dr. C. Rice handing out money so Palestine, Lebanese and Israeli kids can hire taxis? And BOATS?

I don't get Dr. C. Rice, Secretary of State of USA. In three years, USA has gone from starting meaningless wars in Mideast with the stated goal of stopping future wars in Mideast to now watching a new war erupt in the Mideast and saying it would be BAD if this new War was stopped too soon.

I wonder if Dr. C. Rice et al. actually care about future and welfare of any Mideast people, or if they are all pawns in some weird USA game. I lack the animus to hate any people in this supremely tortured place in the world, even though the soil there is so soaked with stupidly spilled blood the plants need no liquid rain. I do have a problem with people treating innocent childrens' lives like expendable chess pieces, to be blown to pieces and their very deaths ignored all to serve some 'greater goal' that nobody can articulate. To do nothing while kids are being killed presumes that at least you have a plan, which presumes it is a plan you can clearly and forcefully articulate while the poor kids are having their limbs blown off. Here there is no plan, nobody can articulate a plan, nobody who has a plan is willing to subject it to public scrutiny, and yet this bloodbath is justified by Dr. C. Rice, Sec. of State, solely on the basis that it somehow fulfills a larger "plan" that she knows well but won't tell us about. What the hell is it? If you cannot disclose it, it can't be a very good @#$% plan or you would be proud enough to tell us about it. Right now it sounds like the plan is to turn a lot of future Lebanese Ph.D's and moms and dads who are now 2 years old into human hamburger. You need a HELLUVA plan to justify this rotten slaughter, yet none has been proferred.

What if de-limbing infants is the plan?

What if these tiny children are dying for nothing?

At least if their food was destroyed by locusts we could blame a bug with compound eyes.

But what happens when we actually say it's useful to the USA for this slaughter to happen?

What does that say about our patriotic country music songs played at state fairs and baseball games?

What does that say about people who wrote them, sing them and sing along to them?

It's not polite in USA to sing songs criticizing USA but USA born people do it a lot. They always get yelled at for it and are told to leave USA. Most songs criticizing USA are made by USA people, born in USA. Like Bruce Springsteen. USA has lots to be proud of today because USA people and law come down hard on people who persecute, harass or injure other people just because they are different or have come from other places to live in USA. USA is still most tolerant and free country of any large country in the world comprised mostly of immigrants.

But some people in USA get confused between symbol of USA and action of USA. Symbol of USA is flag. Action of USA is hauling some Aryan Nation skinhead jerk to jail for harassing an innocent citizen of USA because they moved to USA 50 years after skinhead jerk's parents. Flag is symbol that USA doesn't tolerate Aryan Nation jerks capping local Sikh taxi driver because they are so dumb they think India is the same as Iraq. USA Flag is unique USA symbol because it is self-referential. USA flag symbolizes sacred right of USA people to say things that other people might not like including stepping on USA flag itself. If USA people could not do this, USA flag itself would be meaningless, since USA flag is symbol of sacred right of USA people to be free to express themselves. USA is only country to have such a self-referential national cloth symbol.

Tolerance of desecrating USA flag is burned into USA Constitution because prior to USA and under England, demonstrating any disrespect for a symbol of the English King was considered the same as punching the King himself. USA founders rightfully found this stupid and idiotic and set forth in law there is a very big difference from spitting on a picture of the King and spitting on the King himself. They got this concept from the ancient Greeks, who helped found the entire concept of logical types, ie. the distinction between the symbol and the object it symbolizes. Read your @#$% Plato !!! Thomas Jefferson did and he still managed to create a new country in his spare time.

Funny is that nobody gets mad if USA citizen burns copy of USA Constitution or Declaration of Independence. Nobody has ever proposed law against that. Why? Because burning USA Constitution says person doesn't like USA Constitution, which says in very large letters in First Amendment that USA people have right to burn USA Constitution. Then person looks like an idiot. No person ever gets in trouble for burning copy of USA law books. Why? Cause person looks like an idiot. Only an idiot would burn law books that protect the right of person to burn law books. Person would look really dumb.

Only USA people who actually do love USA ever burn USA flags. They burn USA flags because they love USA and feel that USA is going in wrong direction. Genius of USA Constitution is that USA allows this act because it is healthy. USA founders knew that when USA people are put in jail for burning USA flag, then USA is in deep shit.

If Aryan Nation crackheads want to burn USA flag for allowing mud people to ride on trains alongside pure Aryan Nation Nordic genetic seed, that it is their right under USA Constitution. Greatest moment in recent USA history was when USA judge allowed Aryan Nation crackheads to have a parade in Skokie, Illinois even though whole city didn't want them. Founding Fathers were not idiots. They knew that bad, horrible, stupid and hateful ideas were most easily expunged by letting them be fully expressed. As physicist Richard Feynman said, the most important job of a physicist is to prove yourself wrong as quickly as possible.


"I was a Republican ... until they lost their minds." -- Charles Barkley, July 2006.

"I was wrong to have voted for George W. Bush. In historic terms, I believe George W. Bush is the worst two-term President in the history of the country. Worse than Grant. I also believe a case can be made that he's the worst President, period."

-- Doug McIntyre, Host, McIntyre in the Morning
Talk Radio 790 KABC, Los Angeles. July 2006.

"Do not use open flame to check for propane leaks."

-- Sticker on Weber gas grill. July 2006.


Mark said...

I enjoyed your comments on flag burning, especially the bits about burning law books and the Constitution. Mucho chuckles. And I agree wholeheartedly, btw.

I like your style. We'd disagree on many a thing politically, but you're funny and I give you props for that.

Keep it up.

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