Saturday, July 22, 2006

And the Point Is ?

This blog inaugurates the long-awaited head reattachment of Tispaquin, and is just one facet of his pending Revenge for being headless for 334 years. Hard to get revenge without a head. Talk about a detached retina. How about a detached head? It is nice to know that the Pilgrims fleeing from religious persecution in England managed to bring with them the Continent's old-time Inquisition style execution traditions, like head lopping, putting severed heads onto metal spikes in the town square and chopping peoples' bodies into small, bloody ragged parts. The best we can say about these nutjobs was that they were sometimes ecumenical -- 20 years after they Cuisinarted Tispaquin they Judge Roy Beaned 19 of their own with full frontal executions in Salem, Mass. (including pressing an old man, Giles Corey, to death in a wooden rack heaped with big heavy rocks) solely on the testimony of some teenage girls who thought Salem in 1690 was like way boring. So now with Tispaquin's head reattached, this tiny dollop of server space can be squandered by carelessly and uncritically examining, through Tispaquin's reattached head, how various events whirling around us today are as idiotic as things were in the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the late 1600s.


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