Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Rant of the Day, Contestant 2

"George Bush has ordered the entire gubbermint to defy any attempt by Congress to find out what he is up to. Senator Specter says he is upset but will allow it unless something untoward can be shown. Senator Hatch made odd hooting noises on the floor of the Senate and said he had no doubt that Senator DeMint ejaculating on a prostitute was due to the stress of his job. Senator Lindsey Graham was found beating off to the sound of Senator Orrin Hatch reading the words of Brigham Young. Meanwhile, Mitt Romney tied Giuliani to the roof of his GMC Gremlin and drove him to Iowa. Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin collected Giuliani's feces and said they were proof of his manhood in the face of terrorism.

Spinoza Neque lugare, neque in, at Eschaton
07.11.07 - 3:42 pm

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