Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Peter Canellos is a Moron


It is difficult, even on a Dada, Captain Beefheart level, to write what this man writes with a straight face. Peter Canellos is the literary equivalent of that thin beige porridge like cat puke on the carpet that greets you as you wake up in the morning:

There are other signs in the Pew survey that America's image problem in the world is fixable. For one, no other country has captured the world's esteem.


In addition, the United States is viewed positively in some Asian countries with fast-growing economies, suggesting that American capitalism still has a global appeal.

Was this written by an ad copywriter for Kentucky Fried Chicken or by the cardboard carton of mashed potatoes itself ?

Once again, the Boston Globe is the worst newspaper in the world.

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