Monday, July 02, 2007

Pigs on the Wing


This was recorded 30 years ago. Things now are unbelievably worse than in 1978. They are the Orwellian nightmare Roger Waters wrote about in 1978. People have lost the ability to think.

This song and video strike me because it documents a very narrow period in time when a group of unique English musicians actually had the balls, money and "star power" to deeply mock the deepest roots of capitalist power in 1978.

From a musical standpoint, Pink Floyd was as good but no better than many dozens of recording bands in this period.

What set them apart was a hellish dark stripe of reality. The reality for people living all over Europe and in the U.S.

You are nothing. You are human vomit. You are cogs. You amount to nothing. Your job is to shut up, submit and obey.

Pink Floyd found a unique way to rebel against this. It was intellectual yet brutally tribal. It seamlessly blended African and Black American music into European. It grooved. It was ambient yet shock treatment.

It woke people the fuck up.

Then they fell asleep again.

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