Friday, July 27, 2007

Lies Squared


Al-Hayat reports in Arabic that many Iraqis simply do not believe that the US congress is serious when it votes against permanent bases in Iraq. Members of parliament say that they see these enormous hardened bases being built, which is practical proof to the contrary. They think the Democratic Congress is just posturing because of its struggle with the Bush White House.

Why is the U.S. building a serious of enormous, hardened, super secure military bases in Iraq if Congress has just voted the opposite? Why is Congress funding these bases, on the one hand, yet saying they are not "permanent" ?

Why are basic, obvious questions like this rarely asked -- and never honestly answered -- in the U.S. news media ?

Why do the Serious People of Foreign Policy Punditry never ask why they endlessly analyze "withdrawal scenarios" in six month poker chips even as the President et al. casually throws out 50 years occupation as a possibility -- and while we are building numerous enormous and obviously permanent military bases in Iraq.

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