Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hands Across the Aisle

Senators Snowe and Collins have again split off from the Republican caucus. This time on a filibuster to prevent a vote on Sen. Jim Webb's bill to require mandatory rest periods for soldiers between deployments to Iraq. Repubs. successfully cut off debate, thereby preventing a vote on the bill.

Like Sen. Norm Coleman of Minnesota, Susan Collins is fighting for her political life in 2008. She has done a 180 since Rep. Tom Allen (D-Maine) announced his run against her. And Lieberman's fundraising for Collins has allowed Allen to reap in beaucoup from Lieberman haters. Collins' seat is now among highest targets for Dems. and Repubs. nationally. Dems to take it. Repubs. to hold it. Watch Collins become a bigger peacenik than Jane Fonda in the coming months. Hands across the water etc.

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