Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Alberto Gonzales

This is not a story about Gonzales' lack of integrity, lack of honesty or whether he broke any laws.

Nobody sane seriously doubts any of the three.

It's about the lack of will of Congress to impeach him.

It's about the news media for brushing this off as minutiae.

It's about Lindsay Lohan getting an OUI being a much bigger ratings grab.

It's about short attention spans.

It's about a collective shrugging of shoulders, of moving from "we don't believe it" to "so, we've always known that" in one involuntary spasm of the collective America consumer cytoplasm.

It's about a Republican Party that will protect its own even at the sake of the Constitution.

It's about a Democratic Party which is as cohesive and solid as an ice cream cone in Death Valley.

It's a pathetic, snivelling country we live in.

Hypocritical too.

Own it or change it or shut the fuck up.

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