Monday, July 02, 2007

The New Morality

From Maine citizen "KoKo" commenting at the Portland Press Herald site 7/2/07:

Oil? Why is that always thrown out as a bad thing to go to war over? Try living without it. We'd better show that we're willing to fight for it because there are many around the world that want to deny us and shut the tap down. It is the easiest way to bring this country down and the bad guys know it. Iraq is not going to be the last war over oil. Don't give me the alternative sources need to be developed line because that ain't the way free markets work.

And Waterboro, Maine resident "Panda Bear:"

Why did we go into Iraq?

1. Power and influence in the middle east with hopes of securing an allie in the future.
2. Oil that we all need and want...even liberals.
3. To depose a sadistic ruler that used illegal weapons to kill thousands of his own people.
4. To defeat a country that invaded a peaceful neighbor.

And finally, a 'counterprotestor' at Kennebunkport, Sunday, July 1, named Sean Delevan of the Queens, N.Y., chapter of Gathering of Eagles.

"Freedom don't come free," he said. "I know we send a bad message when we constantly question our leaders."

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