Thursday, July 24, 2008

Overheard at Barry's

"I was at a dinner party this week and two FCI (formerly considered intelligent) friends, stated that they were not voting for Obama, as he would give all our money to the blacks. I, as calmly as possible with my blood pressure being 500 over 400, asked them what money would he have available to give, since the Bush admin borrowed and spent everything available. They looked at me as tho I was from outer space and I realized that America is dumbed down more than I imagined."

Comment by "larster" at Barry Ritholtz's Big Picture.

Followed by "David," who eschews those who visualize these:

larster...lifelong republican here. In 2004 and 2006 I voted straight ticket D.

I will not vote for Obama.

I would have voted for Hillary.

I researched Obama on my own time, and let me tell you there is some real juicy stuff in his hometown paper.

Heck I may even vote for McCain just to vote against him effectively.

I wanted to like the guy, but his record in office, lack of any legislation, extensive present votes and 6 "oops I hit the wrong button(out of 2 buttons) votes, FISA vote, Faith based initiative, and all the other numerous promises he has abandoned and his associations with unsavory radical left on so forth

People are starting to see him for the politician he is...nothing more, nothing less.

"David" is not a person. It is a random, self-contradictory catchphrase cut and paste machine. Nobody except a Rovian talking point device can pseudocasually toss out such encyclopedic innuendo in a short note on a financial blog.

The "unsavory radical left people" quip is the whipped cream on the sundae.

What other kind of radical left people are there ?

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