Monday, July 14, 2008

Konsumerism Nicht Das Konsumerism

That'll be your Gross National Product for the next generation, compounded monthly, and 25 cents for the Slim Jim.

"Tom" informs us that:

There is no such thing as Consumerism. We have stuff to buy and the money to buy stuff. Opponents of “Consumerism” (a term they made up) are really saying prosperity is wrong. (Leftism) Also, freedom to choose is wrong. (More Leftism)


"Tom" shows us the "conservative way" (TM) to admit he's too lazy to educate himself even in the Allan Bloom sense of the word:

Excuse if I wont read Marx as I have a pile of unread books at home already. I´m sure your education wasn´t free but it was obviously for nothing.

And though he refuses to read Marx, "Tom" knows deep in his buying jones bones that Marx and his 1840s Trieste/Luddite economist ilk invented the word 'consumerism' to enslave and shame us into not buying three Hummers where two will do:

Marx and his cabal came up with the term to make freedom and prosperity sound bad. How else would they get people to hand their lives over to them? Again, rhetorical."

"Again, rhetorical." is the new Q.E.D.

h/t to Scott at World O' Crap via Roger Ailes.

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