Thursday, July 31, 2008

1 Day to Obamagideon (TM)

Tomorrow is the deadline for the False Birth Certificate Candidate to turn over teh Sacred COLB to the intrepid investigators for truth !!!

Apparently, the Investigators have themselves forgotten their Deadline With Destiny, but assure us:

"We are still exploring the mysterious aspects of Obama’s birth certificate, and his birth."

Commenter "Deb" wistfully adds:

"As each day passes I wonder when is this going to break- when is SOMEONE outside of the internet going to bring these questions to public light?"

And let's not forget the key ingredient of all credible investigations, the killah dillah invocation of the "what if" jackpot:

5. If any or all of these hypothesized facts are TRUE, why has Senator Obama deceived the American public?

So true !!!

More fun to come !!!

1 comment:

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