Monday, February 23, 2009

Ron Huber Writes ...

Augusta man files lawsuit against
Maine DOT easement at Sears Island

For Immediate Release Feb 23, 2009

AUGUSTA – An Augusta man has filed a petition in Maine Superior Court asking for Maine Department of Transportation's Sears Island Conservation Easement be set aside. The move follows Thursday's filing of a similar petition in Knox County Courthouse by a Rockland, Maine man.

Douglas Watts filed his Petition for Review of Final Agency Action on Friday afternoon in the Kennebec County Superior Court.

Watts describes himself in his petition as "an avid user of the Penobscot River and its tributaries near Sears Island since
1982." and wrote to the court that the conservation easement signed by Maine DOT and Maine Coast Heritage Trust "will irrevocably harm his ability to continue using and enjoying the Penobscot River and these tributaries as he has done since 1982."

He is asking the Court to "rescind the Jan. 22, 2009 conservation easement until the MDOT has fully complied with the requirements of the Maine Sensible Transportation Policy Act and the Maine Site Location of Development Law."

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