Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ask Dr. Geography: Are Colleges Commie?

Dear Dr. Geography:

Here is what I think. Colleges and universities are incubators for unfettered Liberalism and liberal thought. It's not a bad thing at all for their enrollments to plummet. Spending big bucks to go through school only to come out the other side as a 'shovel-ready' worker is clearly a waste of money, and the bastions of 'higher education' will see the effect of that imbalance through lower enrollments.

This is your proverbial 'silver lining.'

Do you agree?


Chris from New Hampshire.

Dear Chris,

You are right. All schools from K-12 should be banned. They just encourage kids to go to college.

Colleges are designed as inclined planes, with condoms, that lead to the atheistic commie Muslin supremacy lifestyle that makes us want to play soccer and fly fish and wear kilts and gaymarrykayak at Chappaquiddick.

Thank God we still have places like the outskirts of Mansfield where real Americans can huff old ATV gasoline and watch TV sports on a 60 inch flat screens in darkened bars on sunny days and put a nail gun volley through their hand while using the other to flip the bird to a Cape Verdean person whose ancestors have been here since the 1600s. With condoms.

Yours in solidarity and ouzo and desecrated Amoskeag graves,

Dr. Geography


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