Saturday, February 21, 2009

Kennebec Journal hates French People

My local newspaper thinks teaching kids to avoid anti-French prejudice is a big, stupid waste of time.

My response:

This editorial, in its arrogance, ignorance and superficiality, makes the perfect case for Rep. Bolduc's bill. What is missing from Maine history curricula is the truth: that what we call "Maine" today was largely built on the illegal and sick exploitation and prejudice of immigrant groups, particularly the French and Franco-Canadians. There is still very strong anti-Franco prejudice in Maine. People who have Franco names who speak French or who even express pride in their Franco heritage are still treated by some as "dumb Frenchmen." Understanding the roots of where this prejudice came from is the key to getting rid of it. This editorial argues that the solution is for everyone to stick their heads in the sand and pretend it does not exist nor ever existed. Not a smart move. Good for Rep. Bolduc. Bad for the Morning Sentinel/Kennebec Journal.

Learning in depth about ethnic prejudice is how you stamp it out. Glossing it over is how you let it continue.

The MS/KJ solution is like saying the best way to learn differential calculus and n-space topology is to let the little tykes learn to add and subtract and then shove them out on the lawn.

Heavens, the damage that can be caused by kids learning too much about their own history.

They might become edumacated !!!

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