Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Vermont Should Secede

The Intellectual and Moral Compact which bound the various states to secede from England is now gone. Last October's suspension of habeus corpus by the U.S. Congress has made that point plain. When your own Congress takes a shit on the Magna Carta there is nothing left to discuss, really. A map of the States from 2004 shows the states which supported George Bush and opposed him fall into a nearly perfect alignment with Slave and Free States from 1850. Nothing has changed in 150 years except the South and its racist and fascist bent is now oppressing the Free States ala Dred Scott.

By my accounting, about half of Maine residents hate niggers, even though they've only met a nigger on the teevee.

So I don't see no Maine secession movement happening. But I'm not from Maine -- just live here -- so they can pound it.

I did spend much of my youth in East Corinth and Newbury and Bradford Vermont, along the Waits River and Cookville Brook and Meadow Brook. So I side with Vermont and claim genetic heritage to it. And fuck Maine. With a pale, white racist strap-on dick.

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