Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Fart in Church

As a politician you are supposed to understand symbolism, as in you don't show up at a rally in Boston wearing a New York Yankees hat. So it is disconcerting to see that Barack Obama does not have the political smarts to know it looks really bad to be rushing to the assistance of Hank Paulson and George Bush, who desperately require all of the minuscule taxable earnings of poor black people in Louisiana for the next 20 years to prop up the wealth and reputation of their billionaire friends.

I just don't know what Barack Obama is thinking and why he thinks this makes him look good.

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Maggie Knowles said...

I called his office in Illinois to see if they could explain why he voted for the Big Banks Bailout Bill and they couldn't answer my very specific questions regarding the language of the bill not matching up with what Obama said in his speech on the senate floor the day he voted for it.

I think he's just trying to get elected president and this was probably the safest way to deal with it. He did say in his speech that he doesn't know if it will work, but he's voting for it in case it will. I don't think he thinks it makes him look good.