Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Flyaway Pond, North Easton, Mass.

When Mr. John Grant came up to me in the receiving line at my father's funeral at Copeland's Funeral Home in North Easton in July 1996, the first thing he said was, "We got Flyaway Pond."

By this John Grant meant that he and others in Easton twisted many arms and checkbooks to purchase from the Mailiff heirs for millions of dollars the freshwater meadow that used to be called Flyaway Pond so that it would not be turned into ugly McMansions like what the DeCoutos did next door.

Now my nephew, Danny, can go bow hunting at Flyaway with his Dad and watch great horned owls fly over his head at dusk while sitting on a giant rock.

Here is another view of Flyaway and the tiny brook emanating from Lincoln Spring next to the Easton Lutheran Church and the Town Pool. The song is "Hani" by Ali Farka Toure, which is about a girl who wants an expensive pair of shoes. The person in this is Tim Watts. We made this on Thanksgiving morning, 2003.

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