Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Moe from Nova Scotia

Well, I agree with all that, but as I said recently, all the individual action in the world won't solve the problems facing us-- it takes collective political action. Moe Szyslak | Homepage | 09.04.07 - 2:28 pm | #

This is very much about the Tragedy of the Commons, or the Grand Banks off Newfoundland, if you will. Can you imagine if in the 1970s we tried to stop water pollution by telling every single person to "pollute your toilet less." ???

You gotta take a crap. The solution in 1970 was not to make people take a crap every third day and/or make them feel guilty about going to the bathroom.

The solution was to build sewage treatment plants instead of straight piping everyones' poop into the Penobscot River.

And it worked.

Same with CO2.

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