Saturday, September 08, 2007

Jim Rome

Is a guy you can Google, so I won't. He is almost exactly my age, 43. Very successful sports talk radio host. Syndicated to like 250 stations nationwide, 3-4 million listeners.

He's a genius. Why? Because when Jim goes on a rant he is better than Lenny Bruce.

Jim Rome's extensive monologues on dog torturer Mike Vick are perhaps some of the most heartfelt and inspired live radio I have ever heard, given that a recording of Thurgood Marshall reaming Nixon's lawyer James St. Clair in 1974 does not exist.

Jim Rome over and over calling out Mike Vick and his ill-thought "supporters" and explaining why, for all the obtuse lunkheads, throwing puppies onto pavement until their skulls are Fruity Pebbles is not kool, is a severely underappreciated piece of live American literature. Mark Twain and W.E.B. Dubois on the mic.

Meaning that hearing Mr. Rome helped restore my optimism and faith in humanity.

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