Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I Did Not Know

People were still mixing strychnine, bad acid, PCP, crack cocaine, jimson weed, digitalis, mink shit and lead-tainted moonshine and then stumbling into Congressional Oversight Hearings and trying to talk, but I guess I was wrong:

"No matter what you think about how we got into Iraq, the fact is that we are in a battle now to save that country from being taken over by Iran on the one hand and Al Qaeda on the other," Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, a Connecticut independent, told CNBC yesterday.

The "no matter what you think" part sort of gave it away, being microdot LSD shorthand for:

I already know you think I'm bat shit crazy with these twigs shoved up my nose and my butt cheeks hanging out all cut and bloody but this time I really saw the thing ... it chased me through the pond ... it was huge !!!"

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