Monday, November 03, 2008

We're on the road to the polling place.

So this seemed the right sign to put up on Monday.


This dude parked across the street from our house thinks Jefferson Davis still has a chance to pull out a win.

And we all know that in the Missouri Compromise, Missouri was only allowed to be a free state if Maine was allowed to be part of the Confederacy.

Perhaps the stupidest comment ever written:

"I believe John and I believe Sarah when she guaranteed a victory in Pennsylvania. Their campaign has been all about stealth: PUMA’s lying to pollsters, Operation Chaos, allowing pollsters to oversample Democrats, infiltrating the special needs community and home schooling community, getting the support of the NRA and Focus on the Family, appealing to Reagan Democrats. Just like an iceberg which only shows 10% of itself above the surface, the foundation of McCain campaign is what you don’t see and what I believe make John and Sarah very confident as the nation votes tomorrow."

This is not a joke.
Somebody actually meant it.

1 comment:

MasterD, damn yankee said...

What the hell is a Confederate sticker doing on a car in MAINE?!?!?!

Never mind. Obviously, the car belongs to a full fledged Idiot.