Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fear of a Black President Part III

"Park Slope Hubby" writes:

From my observation, 90% of the liberals voted for Obama becuase he was black. Protection of the country? Economic issues? Didn't matter to them. All of them have said to me, since the election, "isn't it wonderful that a black man won the presidency?" They feel (education propoganda) that the #1 issue in America is the "sin" of slavery, no matter how long ago it happened; they believe that we are an evil nation becuase we had slavery 144 years ago, and that the most important job they have, as a voter, is to right this wrong by voting for Obama.

You can't argue with this. It's irrational. We are all going to pay a terrible terrible price as this no-nothing leftist takes over.

I myself plan to move to a red state, out of NYC. Three reasons: 1) I think an attack is likely under an Obama regime, and it is far more likely to be on NYC than a red state 2) I'm tired of being regarded as an idiot by 95% of my neighbors, and/or keeping my mouth shut for fear of ostracism; 3) red states will do far better economically than blue states.

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