Thursday, November 06, 2008

We weren't crazy enough !!!

You knew this was coming:

The GOP failed to do the “right” thing, in more ways than one, and that failure was not just confined to this election or the last two years. The party and our president have been swept up in a dangerous trend, a slippery slope identified by the total abandonment of conservative principles, and that track led right into the closing months of this election.


Instead, the GOP went moderate. It facilitated a mentality that we must expand the pie, build a bigger tent, seduce those in the middle and even those on the left. This new approach doesn’t work. Moving to the center doesn’t work.


Of course.

You wouldn't want to sound like most voters.

That could result in a dreaded "win."

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Mainecatwoman said...

Let 'em talk. It'll keep them in the wilderness for years.