Friday, August 18, 2006

Reasons to be Upbeat, Part 1.

"I was depressed to learn that we've been fighting in Iraq for nearly as long as we fought Germany during World War II. But once I started to think more positively, I realized that three years is really not bad. The Iraq war has been going on for less time than the Thirty Years War! And it's been much shorter than the Hundred Years War. This realization made me feel a lot happier."

Rosa Brooks, columnist, LA Times. 8/18/06.

Ms. Brooks forgot all this other good news:

1. Three scientists employed by coal industry have proven climate change does not exist.
2. Huge budget deficits are great for future, unborn generations. Just ask them.
3. No country or group will ever dare mess with US again.
4. The rebuilding of New Orleans proceeding better than anyone expected.
5. Government corruption, waste and fraud at all-time low.
6. More Wal-Marts than when president took office.
7. Iranian president's new weblog is really boring and lacks kool flash movies and informative pop-up ads.
8. Kenny Boy Lay never had his appeal heard so there's a good chance he was innocent after all.
9. Colin Powell tanned, fit, well-rested and ready for many retirement years to come.
10. As number of people still alive in Iraq decreases over time, deaths per month will decrease.

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