Thursday, August 17, 2006

Random, chaotic mutant found in Kansas

(AgapePress) - A conservative member of the Kansas State Board of Education claims the "lying liberal media" defeated her in last week's primary election. She and other conservative Republicans lost their 6-4 majority and control of the Board just nine months after voting to enact science standards that require critical analysis of evolution -- including scientific evidence refuting the theory -- in school classrooms statewide. Incumbent Connie Morris, who was narrowly defeated in a highly publicized primary race in western Kansas, claims she was the victim of media bias.

Although four born-again Christians remain on the State Board of Education, Morris believes the newly empowered liberal majority will waste no time adopting new science standards. In January, she says, when the new members are sworn in, the Board will likely rescind the existing standards and adopt new ones that "let government schools teach children that we are no more than chaotic, random mutants."


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