Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nobody Loses -- The Lies Never Quit

I made this little piece of audio vereetay from the following sources:

1. Gov. Angus King of Maine's 1994 State of the State Address.
2. A song from Miles Davis' album "Filles de Kilimanjaro."
3. A radio ad for Discover magazine.
4. Billy Cunningham's insane AM radio talk show from Cincinnati, Ohio.
5. Public Enemy's album "Yo, Bum Rush the Show."
6. A public radio interview with an old black guy in the midwest who monitored the local police scanners and ran a little low-power pirate radio station telling people what the cops were up to. He's the guy who says, "The lies never quit."

This was made using a trick Jason Rowland and Pat Malia of Rumford, Maine taught me with a dual cassette deck where you dub tiny audio clips from one cassette tape onto another. I transferred it to the computer and cleaned it up a bit with Metro audio software (which kicks ass, btw). The excerpts from Billy Cunningham's show and callers was when he was ranting about nuking the entire Mideast in the run up to Gulf War I in late 1989. Around midnight in Maine you can get that station on AM radio from Ohio cuz the signal bounces off the ionosphere.


茂一 said...

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Jason Crane said...

Very cool. Thanks for sharing it.

Anonymous said...
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