Monday, January 19, 2009

Kennebec Journal calls for gay marriage to be made legal in Maine.

No one should be denied equal right to marry.

-- Kennebec Journal, Augusta, Maine. 1/19/2008.

And I guess the most embarrassing statement by a Maine resident on this subject on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day has to go to good old "JJ" from almost my very most favorite spot in Maine, the tiny once-benzene soaked Super Fund Site East Branch Sebasticook River town of Corinna which will have sea-run alewives in its downtown in 90 days for the first time in 170 years.

So take it away JJ !!!

"JJ of Corinna, ME
Jan 19, 2009 1:42 PM

The gay marriage issue is about legalizing a minority’s value system at the expense of the established, majority value systems. This is a not passive issue of ‘laissez faire’, (i.e. it couldn’t possibly harm you, so let it alone), but an encroachment.

Gay sex used to be a closet issue, but now it is de rigueur to ‘celebrate’ it publicly. My value system abhors this because of the trickle down effect it will have on children and society in general. (I don’t want a school curriculum that encourages ‘two mommies’ as being normal.)

Shame used to be a sociological guardrail, but it is a fact that activist gays demonstrate no shame. This is a crumbling of society’s value system, and it does not come without cost.

To those who want to debate what ‘normal’ is, let me say it is the opposite of abnormal. Gay sex and (especially gay marriage) is abnormal, but gays show no tolerance for other’s value systems that find it shameful.

In fact, gays don’t give a damn about any value system but their own, and now they are in the process of legislation to protect and elevate their values above those of anyone else.

We’ve already seen how gay marriage advocates savage the established morals and values of everyone else with the many posts on this board: If one protests via religion, we hear about the Crusades, separation of church & state, etc. If one sites their moral cultural upbringing, they are pilloried for being raised by bigoted monsters. If one cites their simple personal preference as not being pro-gay, they are hounded for being closed-minded freaks. According to the gay marriage crowd, all values but their own are outdated, Philistine, reactionary, and without consequence. To them, values need to be an ever-changing code of ethics that suits the moment.

Legalizing gay marriage legalizes a code of ethics and morals that is diametrically at odds with society’s value system, and there is no reason to condone it."


Anonymous said...

I think everyone should have the same rights to everything ... Gay or not your still a human!


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