Saturday, December 13, 2008

Steve Spelling's Modest Proposal

Steve Spelling sez:

I support saving the Big Three but only this way. The unions should all be outlawed immediately, and the Auto companies be put in Chapter 11 immediately thru emergency legislation by the government and they start on a complete re-organization. Immediately equalize Big three salaries and benefits with Toyota, Honda, et al USA. & end this monkey biz with the unions (this is overly generous but my concession to appease the union blackmail). The government will provide the necessary financing. The Unions have been putting a knife to the throat and a gun to the head of the Big Three for the past 50 years or more to help get to where we are today. The Big Three can never survive with Union's boot on it's throat. I would suggest that the union bosses be summarily sentenced to life in prison (Maximum Security). The damage they've done in helping to kill the Big Three is worse than murder. The other choices are foolish and doomed to failure. resulting in either a slow death or immediate death neither of which I favor or support.

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