Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Fear of a Black President, Part IV

George at "Stop the ACLU" puts it all in perspective:

Hopefully someday we will know who killed Kennedy and where Obama was born. This may go down in history as worst crime in USA history if Obama gets away with his lies. This is same as O J Simpson case as he is getting away with a crime and is guilty as hell.


"Resist the One" warns that:

The Smug-Laywer-In-Chief is a marketing program, nothing more. Oprah and Soros found a low-voiced, smooth talking lawyer to appeal to base instincts about race and preach class warfare (hatred of the successful).


The "elector of Saxony" laments:

He is the first celebrity-President, Lindsey Lohan with the nuke codes. As a celeb, Barry is above the law, he is above the Constitution, he is above the People. He has followers and fans. That is why he never served anyone but himself. That is why he will not serve you, America. He will serve his racial and international ideology, his friends, and himself. 4 years from now, you’ll know the truth. Unfortunately, it will be too late [for] it to set you free.


"Anonymous" rues mournfully:

One who hung around with and was mentored by others who hate America, thus being formed with both dual loyalties and appearing to wish to fold America into a "global" union, we have much to fear. This candidate may very easily overrule all that has been sacrificed by our founders and those other freedom fighters and defenders who followed....and to think, he started out as a Brit!


Like others, "Kenai123" is concerned about the celebrity implications and the Liberian media:

We are just beginning to FULLY understand just how bias our current liberial media is today. They might report on M Jackson going to lunch or B Spears denting a car but they refuse to even speak the words "Obama's Birth Certificate". The liberial media will air or print any out-right lie with zero fear but a story about "Obama's Birth Certificate" could get you fired on the spot because it could light a fuse that could lead all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court actually taking a hard look at the issue.


"Fembots for Obama" breathlessly intones:

Anyone interested in how Obama has been able to "con" and mesmerize millions (even opponents) should take a look at Insight Analytical's blog which talks about his use of hypnotic techniques. The only other leader who is known to have done this was Hitler.

Another fascinating element is Obama's use of physical touch when talking with others and why world leaders are so mesmerized by him as well. Only one Brit was less than impressed with Obama, and Obama was not allowed to touch him during their meeting.

My question: who do you believe is behind Obama? Soros? Someone else? Or is this just blind ambition on behalf of Obama who has done anything to get the most powerful seat in the world?


Lastly, "Gaetano" makes sure to keep it classy:

As much as I want the facts and the truth of Obammas birth cirtificate to be brought forth,I believe this this game of cover up is mob controled,along with the government.I also believe that Obamma has used fraudulent papers for everthing he needed to get what he needed from our goernment to get him where he is today.Thats why he will not provide proof.all his background is fraud.Our government has always covered every thing up when it comes to ,money,embarrassment,mob related or plain ole greed.No one will ever convince me that this black bastard,Obamma is a fake,a lier,a fraud,a terrorist,not to mention the greatest con man in the world who has used our democracy to feed on.We have all been taken and I don`t want to hear from any one who voted for this crook.I spit in your face, to those that hide from the truth.The laws of this country have become a joke.


Mainecatwoman said...

Be careful, or Karl Rove may out you, too.

Gummo said...

It's calm, considered debate like this that has made our country what it is today!

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