Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Old Man on Line One

The U.S. is Faulknerian in the sense that Faulkner was fascinated with how the past has a hammerlock on all possible futures. The Slave Holding South has always -- and still -- acts like a chunk of Strontium-90 on the entire social brain stem of the United States and keeps the entire country in a never-ending state of endless violent retardation.

I hate referencing the "South" in these terms because it sounds so broad brushed.

During the formation of the United States, the southern slave states demanded that black people not be considered persons, yet they must be counted for the purposes of apportioning representatives to Congress. This massive, open lying and duplicity is still the trademark of the Republican Party and Southern Republicans today. To claim a person is not a person and has no right but they still count as a 3/5ths of a person to counter the evil North, is a symptom of a mental infection that not gone into remission in the United States ...

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