Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tispaquin was a Real Man.

I really like that Barack Obama references Native Americans in his rally speeches. No presidential candidate has ever done this in my lifetime, or well, during the entire history of the Earth.

Someone said to me, so, who is going to hear that? Who is he talking to ?

There is no more disgusting racism than that against Native Americans in the United States because it always boils down to the same question I have heard since I was a kid: "What, there are still some of them around?"

Not a single American Indian law or land sale would ever be considered legitimate under international and U.S. law today. All of them would now be considered brutally corrupt trash under international law.

Time to start over.

Anyone smart enough to recognize evolution as being scientifically true also recognizes that all U.S. law regarding American Indians is as intellectually bankrupt as creationism.

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