Thursday, October 04, 2007

Stupidity, in a concentrate.

It is rare to find so much stupidity concentrated in such a small package, but the comment section of the Bangor Daily News delivers:

Paul of Brewer, ME - 10/03/07

I'm sorry, I do not understand why the nurses at EMMC think they can tell their employer how much to pay them, how much insurance to provide them, how many days off to give them, or how many to hire. I believe the United States operates under something called Capitalism. Capitalism allows people to own businesses, hire employees, and produce goods for sale or offer services for sale. In a capitalist society, anyone with the knowledge, interest, and passion can open a business. If these nurses want more money, then perhaps they should open their own medical facility to compete with EMMC. Unions are socialistic organizations. Unions believe in rewarding everyone equally. Unions believe, as is evident here, that workers should run the company, set the wages, dictate policy, etc. Unfortunately, America's congress has decided to side with unions more than once, based upon the vast amount of money unions hand to politicians. Perhaps these nurses should consider the following: 1. Why did they get into nursing? Was it for money? If so, get out, NOW. 2. What makes union members more important than other hard working people? About the time I went in and told my boss how how I was going to be paid, is about the time I'd be speaking with the nice people at 45 Oak Street in Bangor. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for thinking you are above the people who hired you. If you want more money, earn it. If you want more nurses working with you, recruit more. If you want more health insurance, pay for it. If you want more time off, work part-time. If you want something, earn it, don't tell someone how it'll be, then complain because they didn't do what you said.

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