Monday, May 03, 2010

Yay, I'm Not Crippled and I Fixed the Lawn Mower !!!

Sometimes you have to accept good things in small packages. Yesterday I did something to my lower back and knew, from past experience, it was going to soon feel like someone was sticking a Bowie knife into the muscles around by tailbone, with the blood groove, if I did not lie down and remain completely immobile. So I did and read a book from 1988 about string theory. This morning the muscle spasms stopped. Thank God. Last time this happened I could not move for a week.

And on Saturday, the handle snapped off the lawn mower because the handle is made of cheap, crappy metal alloy. The choice was fix it somehow or buy a new lawn mower for $150. I came up with a trailer trash solution using an old metal mop handle and our Skil saw with a metal cutting blade and $1.50 of nuts and bolts and lock washers from the hardware store down the street. And it actually works. Then the lawn mower ran out of gas.

But at least I can move now and the lawn mower will work if it has gas.

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