Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Hanging Falls at Presumpscot Falls, Presumpscot River, Falmouth, Maine. Good Photos of 2009.

This was actually taken in 2005, but I was never satisfied with it, and the other day I used the watercolor part of Photoshop to subtly fatten it up. The trick is to make a second copy of the image using the watercolor tool and layer it with the original and use the opacity setting to mix them. The idea here is not to make a blatant "watercolor" type image, but to give the original more punch and definition while still making it look like an unmanipulated photo. A 4x5 real camera would do the same, but me lack one. If you look closely at the embiggened version, you can most clearly see the effect of the "watercolor" in the ledges in the lower left hand corner. As a matter of ethics, I think you should always mention if you do this type of manipulation to an original photo.

This image depicts a beautiful falls that comes clear off the highest part of the bedrock gorge of the Presumpscot River at Presumpscot Falls in Falmouth, Maine. This was in May, after a rain, when the little brook was quite full of water and spilling happily down the ledges next to osprey, great blue heron, shad and alewives. This spot is a 3 minute drive from downtown Portland.

The reason why the ledges in the lower left hand corner are much whiter and brighter than the other rocks above and to the right is that the falls is on a major boundary of two different bedrock types, perhaps bounded by a fault, which runs diagonally from upper left to lower right along the color change.

Click to embiggen.

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