Friday, November 27, 2009

Another Bad Day in the Denialosphere

A fairly random scattering of recent "thoughts" on science from readers of the American Spectator.

Bill| 11.24.09 @ 11:20AM

The Clinton Administration (i.e. Al Gore) implemented a revised measurement system of weather temps. They stated it would slightly increase the stated temps but, not to worry, all historical temp records would be updated (converted to) the new scale. If that did not happen, then all recorded temps since that time in the mid-90's would be higher than "comparable" earlier scale temps even if they were not.


Tish| 11.24.09 @ 1:28PM

My 7th grade science teacher taught me something about scientific research which has held up well over the intervening half-century: a 99% probability is still a 100% uncertainty.


Joe Olson| 11.25.09 @ 3:10PM
Dear John
Ignorance is bliss, and you must quite blistfull. The 'manmade global warming hoax' is a century old arguement by the Progressives for their program of eugenics. Please read my articles "Strange Tale of Green House G as Gang" for this valuable history. The REAL cause of climate change is the variable Geo-nuclear energy as explained in my article "Motive Force Behind All Climate Change" and has nothing to do with CO2.

Douglas | 11.25.09 @ 10:25AM

I assure you the climate is changing because it always does. People are so self important they believe 50 years is a long time in geological terms. 10,000 years ago there was a mile of ice above where I sit. It melted for some reason. Why? The climate changed!

Chief1942| 11.24.09 @ 3:26PM

As a typical lay person with no specific training in the regimines of science and peer review, I will now be sceptical of much that "science" has professed for all my 67 years. I certainly am not painting with too large a brush ..

Joseph A Olson, PE| 11.24.09 @ 7:55PM

It is very important to put the century old carbon warming fraud in perspective....please read "Strange Tale of Green House Gas Gang" and "One Pleasant Day in Runnymede" that enough dots are visible it is easy to extrapolate the AGW position to it's ultimate goal....destruction of freedom and euginics for ALL.....


You have to read "Motive Force Behind All Climate Change."

Not of timecube quality, but junior varsity with a bullet.


Chris Rich said...

You have to realize that this posse of flailing buffoons will wither when Mr. Reality comes a knocking.

I can already say this November has been unusual in that we have only seen one day of frost. The Climate is already beginning to resemble Seattle.

December is already looking pretty meek.I expect a pile of outdoor work before daytime temps are too low for acrylic paint.

Douglas Watts said...

It's been warm here in Maine in November as well.