Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hockomock Swamp video

This is a movie I made in July, 2009 of our little trek into one of the most remote parts of the Hockomock Swamp in South Easton, Massachusetts to a grove of old growth Atlantic white cedar. The video doesn't play well on my computer unless you let it load completely before playing, which takes a few minutes. It looks about a gajillion times better on DVD. If you want a copy send me a note at info "at"dougwatts.com

The weird red-lit stuff at the beginning with the sunshine was done by putting the video camera underwater in Black Brook and pointing it up at the sky. You can see how red the water is, which is due to tannin leaching from the leaves in the swamp.

I made this video primarily to document the size of the Atlantic white cedars in this part of the swamp, but due to Queequeg T. Dog, Ph.D.'s enthusiasm, it came out the way it is. It is presented with the intent of encouraging other folks to take their own little trek into the Hockomock and to encourage its permanent preservation and protection.


Tim MacSweeney said...

What is the music in the video?

Douglas Watts said...


The music is my friend Geoff Hirsch and I sitting in my living room playing acoustic guitar in my apartment in Augusta, c. 2004. Geoff is playing slide. We recorded it through the little condenser mic built into the top of my IMac. Praise technology.