Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hope Zombies v. Failure Mongerers

Hope Zombies say stuff like this:

People must have really thought that Obama was Jesus. I swear.  The man has been in office for 2 months yet they want him to reverse 8 years of damage, like yesterday.  It will probably take him at least a full year just to wrangle a look at the books, who owes who what and figure out who are the crooks are and how to root them out.  Right now he's just trying to stop the country from imploding until something constructive can be done.

Failure Mongerers say stuff like this:

We're not upset that Obama hasn't magically fixed everything. We are upset because he is doing the WRONG things and relying on the WRONG people.

I'm verklempt.

I need a lozenge.

Talk amongst yourselves.

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