Monday, September 22, 2008

The Shake Downer/Enabler's Dream

You should be angry about the $700 billion plan to save banks. But once the rage subsides, realize that doing nothing would be disastrous.

The entire language of the shakedown/blackmail is identical to that of an alcoholic and his or her enabling spouse/family.

Basically: even though what I want from you is unfair and unpalatable and all my fault and you have to bear the brunt of it, granting me my wishes will result in lots less pain for all of us than if you don't.

And this is how we are supposed to conduct Congressional debate and legislative analysis.

What would happen if this bailout is not approved; when will this doom happen; and what evidence supports these dire predictions?

Henry Paulson has not provided squat. Neither has Dood or Schroomer. They just imply that BIG EVIL THINGS will happen VERY SOON if ... if ... whatever ...

No specifics except DOOM !!! DOOOM !!!

It's like a venture cap sales pitch in reverse.

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