Monday, March 17, 2008

Decision Time Is Upon Us

Sunday night I stopped waffling, soberly examined my pale, wan, winter-emaciated face in the dirty window of the abandoned building across the street, took a deep draught of cheap, lead-contaminated moonshine from a paper bag, knuckled down, held onto my tear-stained and spittle-flecked keyboard for dear life and ...


Rattlesnake Pole Bean (A=2oz) $1.20
Multicolored Pole Bean Mix (A=1/2oz) $1.00
Scarlet Runner Bean (A=1oz) $1.30
Alderman or Tall Telephone Shell Pea (A=2oz) $1.00
Mammoth Melting Sugar Snow Pea (A=2oz) $1.30
Sugarsnap Snap Pea (A=2oz) $1.50
King of the North Sweet Pepper OG (A=0.5g) $1.20
Hog Heart Paste Tomato ECO (A=0.2g) $1.20
Heirloom Tomato Mix OG (A=0.2g) $1.20

Subtotal: = $10.90
Maine Sales Tax: + $0.55
Handling Charge: + $5.00
Grand Total: = $16.45

From Fedco Seeds of Clinton and Waterville, Maine.


Whew ...

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