Monday, January 28, 2008

Jack Shafer is an idiot

Jack Shafer tries to play cutesy contrarian regarding an NYTimes story which found, to nobody's surprise, that eating Atlantic bluefin tuna sushi is like eating a mercury thermometer bulb. Shafer is one those "journalists" who think that well ... a fish is a fish. Like, dood, they're all fish.

Err ... wrong. Any idiot remotely familiar with the subject of fish, fishing, commercial fishing and giant bluefin tuna knows that the giant Atlantic bluefin tuna favored by high-end sushi bars are mercury magnets. This, of course, IS THE WHOLE FUCKING POINT of the NYTimes story .. in which the newspaper actually had Atlantic bluefin tuna sushi tested for mercury and found many samples for sale in restaurants exceeded EPA safety standards for mercury.

What a shit head.

But more important -- Atlantic bluefin tuna are now being fished to extinction for sushi.

Plate of fried bald eagle, Jack ?

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