Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Mimicry is one of the most important survival adaptations on Earth.

Mimicry means making yourself to resemble something you are not — and to not look like what you actually are.

It is … lying.

All organisms must tell lies in order to keep from being killed before they can give birth. Ergo, lying (ie. deception) is an evolutionarily derived instinct and skill which has survived because it is valuable.

A fawn deer has spots on its coat for one reason: to imitate the dapple of broken sunlight in a forest and to break up the shape of the fawn so that predators do not see it. Protective coloration = lying.

If you have ever hunted a deer with a bow and arrow you know that a deer has powers of reason and logic that exceed any human being's.

Reasoning is not innately human any more than is hemoglobin.


Mainecatwoman said...

Sooo...Roger Clemens was mimicking younger, stronger ballplayers.

Douglas Watts said...

He was mimicking Dan Duquette !!!