Monday, September 18, 2006

War Pigs

"Why should they go out and fight? They leave that to the poor."

-- Black Sabbath, War Pigs.

Secret US black site gulags in unidentified countries.

Torture being promoted and defended by the US President in the White House Rose Garden.

More than 100 "detainees" known to be killed during captivity by the US in secret prisons.

An Associated Press photographer held in a US military prison in Iraq for 5 months thus far without any charges against him.

Nearly 2,700 US soldiers killed thus far in Iraq for a "war" based on outright lies.

A 14 year old boy held in prison in Guantanamo Bay Cuba since 2002 without charges against him. He is now 18 years old . He is still in Guantanamo Bay and nobody can say when or if we will ever be released.

Leading US citizens and elected officials speaking out in favor of torture and its full legalization.

An American citizenry that changes the channel, does nothing and says nothing.

But they get very upset about flag burning.

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